Who we are

2kangaroos.com is a company that manufactures and sells practical and unique products with our own design. Owners of 2kangaroos.com are experienced businessmen; that have worked for 15 years with promotional gifts focusing on flash drives for the last 8.

The main products we make and sell are rusted and wooden flash drives, wooden pens and stationery holders.

One of the 2kangaroo.com founders, Ilari Oidekivi loves history and especially old, beautiful things. It is amazing how our ancestors had the vision and skills to make everything by hand. Everything was made to last, starting from book covers and ending with flower pots.

More importantly, everything made was beautiful and exquisite. Those skills and values are very rare nowadays and it is Ilari’s mission- to manufacture high quality handmade items that are beautiful, valuable and long lasting. Just like our grandfathers and their parents used to make.

We all have some promotional stuff we rarely use and mostly business related gifts end up somewhere in the drawer. The products of 2kangaroos.com are not just practical everyday items, but they are also of personal and emotional value.

This is completely different from anonymous mass produced products where the keywords are: cheap, fast and large volumes.

We know that craftwork is slowly disappearing because of higher price, but we do believe there are lot of people out there who appreciate handicraft and handmade items regardless of expense.

So we got the idea to produce promotional items where we can use old handicraft skills and mentality. We offer to our customers good-looking, valuable and practical items even when they are with printed logos or carry a company message.

Our mission is to design and manufacture products that last for years keeping its appearance and value standing out among mass produced goods.

Hand-crafted from natural materials, these products with your chosen logo or image will be perfect for your valued business partners or clients.